British Columbia Living Arts (branded as Sound the Alarm:  Music/Theatre) engages communities through exceptional artistic performances that are collaborative, innovative and approached through various genres of music and other performing arts.

STA is a performance division within BC Living Arts (founded in 2007), a registered Canadian/BC charity.

Programming Timeline

'Theatre of Music and Sound' sits at the heart of what we do.  It’s our passion.


We push the interpretive possibilities of music and sound through all its dramatic capacities, and whenever possible, include new technologies and new ways of generating sound and tonal language.

By marrying music and sound with a synergistic form of performance (opera, musical theatre, traditional theatre, dance, cabaret, movement, circus, interactive media etc) our approach fosters collaboration between artistic genres and enables us to delve together into new artistic territories.

We collaborate with communities and people who are directly affected by the social issues presented in our projects, and by understanding their stories, we ensure the messages we deliver are authentic.


1/ Music and Theatre has the power to challenge, transform, connect and energize. 

2/ Arts can help amplify awareness of (or 'sound the alarm' for) social needs/issues that we feel are not being heard, listened to, or understood by wider society.


1/ Create experiences & conversations that 'sound the alarm' on social issues. 

2/ Encourage audiences to pause, listen, and experience different perspectives.

3/ Help to keep Canadian communities thriving and culturally vibrant by making innovative, high quality programming accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

4/ Develop domestic talent.

5/ Collaborate with organizations and companies that are supportive of developing artistic communities.

Alan Corbishley

Artistic Director

Having started this organization in 2007, Sound the Alarm:  Music/Theatre grew out of a long history with Kamloops and the desire to bridge gaps between everyday living and artistic process - therefore BC Living Arts was born.  Alan Corbishley has had a diverse career as a performer throughout North America and Europe, as a Creator, as a Producer, as an Administrator, and Educator.    For a full look at his career, do visit his website at www.alancorbishley.com 

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Our Current Board of Directors ​​​​​​​

As of January, 2020

President:   Frederik Robert, Educator/Musician
Vice-President:   Amy Baskin, Mental Health Advisor/Theatre Practitioner
Secretary:   Tamara Hummel, Educator/Musician
Treasurer:   Jayda Novak, Producer/Production Manager
Director:  Mark Wolff, Lawyer
Director:  Lucy Geary, Event Designer

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