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Theatre for the Ears!

Moonwake is a series of fictional audio-dramas that 'sound an alarm' on our environmental and sociological challenges and their effects on human experience.  

Each episode will be an independent story created through the diverse lenses of our cultural landscape and will be unique immersive audio experiences for the listener.  

Series Launching in the Summer/Fall of 2021

Episode 1:
Lost Soul Animal Rescue

Our first episode is written by Chinese-Canadian playwright Gary Mok and is centred around the tradition of Chinese ghost stories which normally expound on the importance of filial piety (duty to your ancestors). In this particular creation, Gary has added a twist on that concept by using animal “ghosts” to question our duty to nature instead. The story is set in Vancouver.


Artistic Team

Alan Corbishley

Series Creative Director

Gary Mok

Script and Story Creator

Karen Lam

Episode Director

Elfina Luk

Character:  Dawn

Kenneth Tynan

Character:  Crow

Ingrid Nilson

Character:  Bear & Lynx

Evan Berndt

Audio Director/Engineer

Aleksandar Zecevic

Sound Design/Music/Editing

Joanna Garfinkel

Series Dramaturg

Further episodes are currently in development.

Stay tuned.