every separation is a link

A live-media and modern dance creation by:
Alan Corbishley
The Tomorrow Collective
Chris Bose

Based on the philosophy of Simone Weil:

“The world is the closed door. It is a barrier. And at the same time it is the way through. Two prisoners whose cells adjoin communicate with each other by knocking on the wall. The wall is the thing which separates them but it is also their means of communication. … Every separation is a link.”


“Conceptual blends create dance magic!” 

Mike Youds:  The Daily News


“...two dancers shape shifted into one during an innovative dance performance . . . It wasn’t magic – not the paranormal sort, at least – but a conceptual blend of movement, light, sound and video that created the powerful illusion in Metaxu.”

Mike Youds:  The Daily News

A brief look...

Metaxu:  Every Seperation is a Link

The Tomorrow Collective (Choreography/Dancers)
Chris Bose (Sound) and Alan Corbishley (Creator)