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Pilgrimage to Bach:  
A Reclamation of Spirit

A exciting collaboration with Early Music Vancouver and Baritone Jonathon Adams in our theatrical look at two of Bach's greatest cantata's - BWV 82 "Ich Habe Genug" and BWV 56 "Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen"

Recording: August 5, 2021
Digital Release: Fall of 2021

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Theatre for the Ears!

Sound the Alarm is developing a series of audio-dramas that ‘sounds an alarm’ on our environmental and sociological challenges and its effects on human experience.  

The series will feature independent stories by diverse voices with different casts and designers.   

The series will be produced and released in 2021.

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musical band playing on stage

Angel's Bone


2017 Pulizer Prize
winning opera

by composer Du Yun &
Canadian librettist Royce Vavrek

Helping to address Human Trafficking and the exploitation of youth in our communities.

Planned to make its
Canadian debut in 2022!

Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre re:Naissance Opera
Loose Tea Music Theatre
Image by Shahzia Sikander; Uprooted Order Series 3 no 1, 1997

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Light Killed
the Beasts

(working title)

A new commission that explores how we as humans are actively destroying our physical environment as well as our construct of civilized society. Our aspired unification is resulting in an opposite reality - a polarization of ‘sects’ that ostracize differing ideologies, villainize racial minorities, and treat further sub-cultures like insignificant insects or pests that should be eradicated.

Created through movement, theatre, contemporary music, and electronic sound.

1st Workshop planned for
June 2021

Production planned for 2023/24

Supported by BC Arts Council

The Last Cabaret

Produced by City Opera Vancouver
in association with Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre

Presented at the
2020 PuSh
International Performing Arts Festival

This cabaret celebrates the subversive power of art and offers a warning to those who would take freedom for granted.
1934: As Nazism tightens its grip on Germany, a satirical cabaret troupe faces physical danger and a moral crisis. Members have disappeared under suspicious circumstances; the five that remain have to decide whether to bend to intimidation or perform their work uncensored. With death looming in the air, the risks couldn’t be higher—and yet the desperate need for expression is still there...

Vancouver, 2020.

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Music of the Night

The Concert Tour

This celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 70th birthday includes all his most iconic theatrical music. The tour visited 18 BC cities in 2019 and will visiting another 20 cities in BC and Alberta in 2020. We hope to see you there!

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Acis + Galatea

an opera by G. F. Handel

Presented in September 2017, this co-production with re:Naissance Opera was named one of "Vancouver's Best Operas of 2017" Directed by Alan Corbishley

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Dragging Piaf

A Cinematic Theatrical Concert

This cinematic concert in 2014 and 2016 featured the music of Edith Piaf, performed by Frederik Robert, and integrated an accompanied silent film about a Vancouver drag queen whose alter ego resembled the life of the iconic French chanteuse.

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Acis + Galatea, 2017

Named "Vancouver's Best Opera"

 "...this retelling of Handel’s story was refreshing, making perfect sense of music and libretto, doing a fine job of presenting them, and introducing a concept of the opera more dramatically compelling than the original."

Webley aWaits, 2012

"Comedy walked - OK, staggered at times - arm in arm with tragedy... The front seat? That was Kris Ruston driving the energy from behind the grille of an '80s Ford pickup, part of a junk-strewn set that included a kitchen-utensil rhythm section.

Mike Youds, The Daily News

Dragging Piaf, 2016

"On its own, ninety minutes of Frederik Robert’s singing could’ve been interesting and fully entertaining … I was excited to see if the silent film could use the urgency and intensity of Robert’s live voice to spin a powerful narrative… And it did."

Satie de Paris, 2009

"Satie de Paris was poetry on stage!"

Mike Youds, The Daily News

We would like to thank our supporters!

It is with great honour that we have received funding support
from the following organizations.

Vancouver Foundation

Various Grants

In support of
Angel's Bone ('18-'21)
Acis + Galatea ('17)
Sign & Flow ('15)

of BC

Community Gaming 

In support of
Performance Programming

Creative BC/
Amplify BC

Various Grants

In support of
Music of the Night:
The Concert Tour ('19)
COVID Org Support ('20)

BC Arts Council

Various Grants

In support of
'Expanded Arts and Culture Resilience' ('21)
Light Killed the Beasts ('20)
Acis + Galatea ('17)
Sign & Flow ('15)
Canadian Cabaret ('09-'12)
Satie de Paris ('08)

City of Vancouver

CASC Grant

In Support of
Moonwake ('21)

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