Pilgrimage to Bach:
A Reclamation of Spirit

Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre is collaborating with Early Music Vancouver (EMV) and their Artist in Residence, Cree-Metis baritone Jonathon Adams to create a dialogue around reclamation of spirit through two of Bach's most glorious cantatas: BWV 82 - “Ich habe genug” (It is Enough) and BWV 56 - "Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen" (I will carry the burden).

Recording:  August 5, 2021
Digital Release:  Fall of 2021

Viewing details coming in the fall..

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Our multi-media live staging of BWV 82 explores the tension between the physical body and the caged spirit within and will help ‘sound an alarm’ on the fragility of mental health.  Alan Corbishley will direct this cantata in collaboration with video artist Michael Heid of Sigma Environments.

BWV 56 will continue the cinematic nature of BWV 82, but will be realized through an original film as led by Reneltta Arluk, an Indigenous actor of Dene, Inuvialuit and Cree descent and co-director of the 2020 film THE MESSIAH COMPLEX. This film will explore an artistic reclamation to the land and water - that through intentional connection, only then can our minds and bodies reclaim cultural alignment and healing.

Artistic Team

Jonathon Adams


Renellta Arluk

Film Director

Alan Corbishley

Stage Director

Alex Weimann

Music Director




Video Artist from Sigma

Early Music Vancouver


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