Silent Chap

by Alan Corbishley

Set to a lively musical score, this silent play explores the relationship of Charlie Chaplin and his fictional creation - The Tramp.  With both characters living as a real life partnership, the story unveils how this fantastical reality plays havoc on their personal lives, careers and intimate relationships.... who is running the ship? The Creation or the Creator? 

Produced by:
 Western Canada Theatre Company
in their 2013/2014 MainStage season.

(in alphabetical order)
Andrew Cownden:  Charlie
Kelsey Gilker:  Mildred / Lita / Oona
Christopher Weddell:  Producer
Daniel White:  Multiple Roles
Leon Willey:  Tramp

Artistic Team:  
Alan Corbishley:
 Director / Playwright / Sound Designer

Terry Gunvordahl:  Set and Lighting Designer
Marian Truscott:  Costume Designer
Monica Dottor:  Choreographer
Gareth Madoc-Jones:  Videographer
Gal Minnes:  Video Engineer
Kris Ruston:  Sound Editor
Nicholas Harrison:  Fight Director
Melissa Thomas:  Assistant Director
Sarah Wallin:  Stage Manager
Skylar Nakazawa:  Assistant Stage Manager


"Chaplin’s Tramp effortless move from live stage to the silver screen was magical."


Kamloopsians might enjoy more productions that bring actors and videography together — and WCT should consider it. Such a fantastic fusion will surely attract a new demographic to live theatre.